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DECOD capitalises on the use of UWB Radar Technology to develop non-destructive detection solutions to uncover what is apparently non-visible due to the presence of barrier.  Visibility of subsurface (or underground environment), behind the wall is hence made possible. The scope of applications is extensive and it includes but not restrict to the followings:

    -   Highway / Road
    -   Railway/ High Speed Rail-Tracks
    -   Airport Runway/Taxiway

Based on customers’ requirements, we develop detection solutions, customise and build our integrated detection system to effectively meet the test objectives. We integrate our proprietary UWB Radar antenna with other functional systems such as GPS, High Performance Camera to provide users with a complete picture of their target area which includes precise location and the surface outlook. This is the motivation behind the following product mix that DECOD boasts off. 

DECOD’s commitment to society has always been playing a part in contributing to Global Safety. This entails providing a safe living environment for the public, a safe working environment for the workers at job-site. With users’ safety and ease of use in mind, DECOD develops a versatile, Remotely Operated Control Panel that manoeuvres the vehicle and operates the scan detection functions simultaneously. Inspection Data can also be viewed with the Remote Controlled Panel.  

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