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DECOD’s range of remotely operated UWB radar detection products that is made possible with a portable remote control panel that controls detection activities as well as movement of the tracked vehicle is designed with the safety and convenience of users in mind. Defence and Security personnel who safeguard and protect our lives can carry out their surveillance activities at a safe distance while deploying UWB radar detection equipment to detect unexploded devices.

Cross-Sectional Image of landmine
DECOD’s UWB radar detection equipment characterized with wide-area scanning, precise GPS output can be deployed in the following scenarios:

* To foil any attempts of explosion of pre-buried bombs, hidden under varying types of ground surface at public areas such as parade squares, roads, airports or embedded among sub-structures such as reinforcement steel and underground utilities such as pipes, cables.

*  To check the structural integrity of stadium, platform or any other facilities where VIPs, spectators, crowds congregate or gather to ensure everyone’s safety.

DECOD’s UWB radar detection system can be embedded into any obscure or hidden  system that enables detection scan for unexploded devices to be carried out discreetly.  
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