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Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Technology

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is a technology for the transmission of data using techniques which cause a spreading of the radio energy over a very wide frequency band, with a very low power spectral density. The low power spectral density limits the interference potential with conventional radio systems, and the high bandwidth can allow very high data throughput for communications devices, or high precision for location and imaging devices.

Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) is an important segment of UWB devices. The basic deliverable of GPR is 3D images of what lies beneath the surface. GPR is widely used in geological surveys as well as civil, structural engineering applications. Apart from its traditional applications, it is increasingly used by security agencies to detect contraband, landmines, unexploded explosive ordnance.

Wall Penetration Radar may conceptually be regarded as an application of GPR technologies applied on walls instead of horizontal surface. The deliverable is essentially 3D images of what lies behind the wall.

Ground Penetration Radar is a safe technique

Ground Penetration Radar System is a non-destructive and non-intrusive device that is deployed to penetrate downwards into the ground or any other medium to detect anomalies to support subsurface investigations. Hence, it generally does not involve transmission over the air. Even if it does on a remotely basis, it radiates for a duration of picoseconds which translates to a range of a few metres. This accounts why GPR is not known or reported to interfere with other receivers or poses any health hazards to operators.

What are the common anomalies that are being detected?

Voids in airport runways, roads and concrete structures; corrosion in metallic subsurface utilities like gas, water, sewage, electrical lines; cracks and other defects arising from wear and tear in buried structures are anomalies that are of interest to road, airport and utilities operators.
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