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Singapore Senior Minister of State Ms Sim Ann visit to DECOD
21st March'17, Singapore Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, Ministry of Trade and Industry Minister of Health Minister Ms. Shen Ying MTI Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, SPRING Singapore, Singapore Bureau of Standards, IE Singapore International Enterprise Development Bureau, BCA Singapore Construction Bureau & LTA Singapore Land Transport Authority total of five government departments visited DECOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, to convey the government's support for high-tech innovation, from the early to mid-term research and development domestic and international market development support.
Minister Ms Shen Ying, actively participate in technology and market discussions, to understand the current difficulties faced by enterprises &  given the appropriate guidance & support, such as requiring government departments to provide opportunities to promote ultra-wideband radar technology applications such as BCA and LTA. While recognizing that the government provides government subsidies for the purchase of high-tech equipment and technical services, such as PIP and MECHC. Company can take into account the development of three-dimensional ground penetrating radar at the same time, can also produce two-dimensional ground penetrating radar to meet the needs of some basic customers to seize the Singapore market and even Southeast Asia market. These require MTI, SPRING and IE to give the company policy and market guidance and support.

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