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Former Senior Minister of State Mr Lee Yi Shyan visit to DEC
30th March'17, Mr LEE Yi Shyan (Li Yi xian) Singapore Senior Minister of Trade and Industry and National Development Minister, East Coast Constituency Member of Congress, Hualian Enterprise Executive Consultant, Current China Chairman of the Board of Directors visited DECOD. For the company's market development put forward constructive comments for the airport runway to provide a full range of rapid detection, while taking care of the contractor's awareness to two-dimensional radar to open the market, and then upgrade the three-dimensional radar.

In April 2007, DECOD and Singapore Academy of Sciences ASTAR co-applied for national R & D fund for intelligent pipeline monitoring, to use three-dimensional ground penetrating radar, through long-term monitoring, the establishment of large database, and timely warning of pipeline disasters.
Singapore Telecom Co., Ltd. Singtel, Singapore Energy Co., Ltd. SP, Singapore Energy Market Authority EMA and National Environment Agency NEA have expressed great interest in intelligent pipeline monitoring system. In particular, Singtel and SP are willing to co-invest in the development of this system.

The company also jointly developed with the Singapore Science and Technology Bureau GOVTECH three-dimensional underground information management system in Singapore. Current project Is now in the researching stage.

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