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UGIM Management Meeting
5th May'17, Singapore Underground Management Committee UGIM,  Singapore Land Authority SLA, Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority URA, Singapore Building Construction Authority BCA, Government Technology Agency of Singapore GOVTECH, Singapore Energy Market Authority EMA, Singapore Land Transport Authority LTA with more than 30 professionals attending this seminar. DECOD introduced the ultra-wideband radar technology and GPR use for underground management. Very exciting respond and followed by the arrangement of demo on the equipments.

DECOD specializes in ultra-wideband ground penetrating radar technology, providing solutions that visualize underground structures and detect suspicious targets behind walls. Independent research and development of ultra-wideband radar array antenna technology, non-destructive testing penetration barriers, the visible area of real-time three-dimensional imaging.

BCA is concern on the building facade defect and corporate with DECOD to provide a radar-based detection needs. LTA and ERA are concern on mapping underground pipeline and surveying underground structure. 

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