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Ley Choon Project
Ley Choon project, site is located at north-east area of Singapore. Traffic is heavy and entire road block not possible making detection work a bit tedious. Detection area of the site is about 10m by 10m, total detection area is 100 sqm。On top of the ground level are using asphalt surface, signs of excavate and refill asphalt ground detected where the area of detection work occurred. The difference between refill and surrounding asphalt can be obviously seen.
HH100 Handheld Radar Detection Equipment, using 500MHz & 900MHz antenna. HandD’scan HH100 is the new generation handheld 3D imaging ultra-wide bandwidth radar, equipped with portable main machine and interchangeable high detection frequency antenna. By interchange with different antenna, the equipment can detect from few centimetres to meters of depth. Portable main machine taking care of 3D images, touchscreen control can analyse and find the actual location by the detection images on the spot. Software is user-friendly, with one-touch function to various menus, which make it easy for user to operate.

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