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DECOD’s products showcase our strength. The output of our relentless Research and Development effort are the functional attributes that our products are consistently associated with:

    -   Real time 3D Image Output
    -   Composite Image Output that provides a lateral view  
    -   Great penetration capability
    -   Ultra-speed Data Transmission

DECOD’s state-of-the-art UWB radar detection equipment are effective tools in averting avoidable disasters through timely detection and prevention. Structural stress, degradation, human errors are common causes that lead to the catastrophic cave-ins of highways. Symptoms typically manifest at the subsurface level. Through conscientious periodic monitoring, it is possible to detect signs of structural deterioration over time.

Natural disasters are sometimes difficult to avoid, non-withstanding that technology has been deployed to detect early warning signs. DECOD’s Real-time 3D UWB Radar Detection System is designed for use in fire rescue operations to save lives. Detection of humans is possible even if there is a 50cm thick barrier or obstruction that inhibits any view of it.

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