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DECOD Science & Technology Pte Ltd (DECOD) is incorporated in Singapore 2003. With the support of Singapore Economic Development Board (Singapore EDB), DECOD was set up to spin off a global brand, one that is identified with Cutting-Edge Technology, Unprecedented Quality and most importantly, is a User Preferred Choice.

UWB Radar Technology is DECOD’s expertise. At DECOD, we design detection solutions that provide visibility of subsurface environment as well as the scenes behind the wall. In a nutshell, we tap on UWB Radar Technology to overcome visual barriers so as to facilitate visibility of inaccessible or hidden areas in a non-destructive approach.

Our systems are inbuilt with high performance antenna array to produce real-time 3D images that accurately and reliably portrays the subsurface or through wall environment. To cater for the extensive applications of the UWB Radar Technology as well as the safety and ease of use of users, DECOD Antenna Array System is embedded into varying modes of vehicles. Our product mix boosts of Crawler Track vehicle, Vehicle Mounted Units, Portable Hand-held Units.
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