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Electronic Engineer

Job description:
1. Electronic modules, devices, Cable Assembly, analysis, testing, and debugging.
2. Welding of electronic components layout, circuit boards and SMD soldering.
3. Editing, designing circuit diagrams, circuit board.
4. Edit archiving electronic documents related to each product.
5. Assist purchasing electronic devices.
1. Poly or Bachelor degree, electronics, electrical, automation, communications and other related professionals. Able to work independent design.
2. Knowledge of digital circuits, analog circuits, familiar with the control circuit, signal acquisition, design of a driver circuit.
3. Solid circuit of welding technology for high-density circuit boards and modules for Assembly, testing and debugging.
4. Familiar with Office, Protel, Altium Designer software.
5. Skilled use specialized test equipment.
6. Circuit schematics, PCB layout, component and equipment design capabilities. 
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